Welcome to my website! :)

I am a freelance photographer from Bucharest, RO.

I studied Sound Design and Film Editing at UNATC in Bucharest and after two years of working in the field, I decided I wanted to do something that involved more action than working at a desk. Photography was an old passion, so I got up and started from scratch, with my first dSLR camera, a Canon 550D. Now I shoot with a full frame Canon 6D.

My desire to try everything possible has not missed from the photography either. I learned to get along with multiple photographic styles such as sports, portrait, events or photojournalism. I love shooting outdoor, and mostly I “hunt” candid human emotions.

My passions are riding my bike, swimming, playing the guitar and spending as much time in the nature as I can. I also love pets, I am the proud owner of a Golden Retriever and an adopted cat.

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Phone: +40 730 181 045


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